Re-decorating on a budget

Well the time has come for the sitting room to be spruced up. It held up well against my two toddlers for a bit but it really is showing signs of attack now. The walls are currently a pale gray-blue colour, I loved it when we put it up but as the room is only sunny in the morning time, it can feel quite cold in the evening and during winter. And now the walls are covered in smudges and marks from little hands so it is time for a new paint colour.

I’ve tried a dusky pink sample out and lived with the patch for a week but it is too pink and not quite the shade I was hoping for, so after a rethink I’m going to go back to the paint shop and look at navy or teal colours, rich dark shades I think will really suit the look I want.

I should probably explain the look I want actually! Well, its a bit mid century modern meets bohemian meets Victorian. I know that sounds a mess but I love aspects of all of these so I’m going to try pull it together, and on a budget of course due to my newly developed camera obsession.

I’ve made my first purchase already. An original G Plan Fresco drinks sideboard in teak from 1970. I found it second hand for a bargain price and just waiting for delivery of my new favourite thing! G Plan have some really amazing examples of mid century modern furniture and I am so delighted to have found this sideboard. Its a big one though – 6’2″ long, which means bye bye 3 seater couch because there is only one wall long enough in the sitting room to take it

Also, I bought a chair. I went to the charity shop for a rummage last week and came across this armchair buried under a heap of tat and at €20 I couldn’t resist. The wood is also teak and its really solid. The covers look funky, but they have seen better days and I’m going to have to recover this for the new sitting room. I’m still undecided on fabrics but I’m thinking a dark green would look well against the teak. I will have to redo the webbing underneath as well – it was rubber and has degraded over time. Even with these problems its a good looking and oh so comfy armchair. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

The next thing on the list is curtains. I have found some vintage mustard velvet curtains online that will fit and I’m nearly 100% sure I’m going to put an offer on them but as they have some fading I just want to see them in person before going ahead with them. It has been a dream of mine to have either mustard or dark orange velvet curtains for ages so I am thrilled with this find. Fingers crossed it works out!

I hate our fireplace! I have never liked it but still haven’t gotten around to changing it. I think this time I will have to as it will stand out like a sore thumb. Its black and quite big so will be overbearing in the room. I am currently working on ideas to fix this cheaply but not feeling very enlightened.

Apart from that, I just need to change the floor, find a smaller couch, another armchair, re-home the mass of toys and get to work!

I could’ve just given the walls a fresh coat of paint surely? ah well 🙂





Hello world!

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